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Beat The Market Online is the premier online simulation produced by Gold Simulations. It is an interactive simulation game that enables students to apply economic concepts while managing firms in a variety of "real World" market environments. It combines all the powerful features of the prior software version and adds ease of use and improved functionality, as well as compatibility for Apple computers. Benefits provided by the internet include instant grading of games and exercises, progress reports and real time multiplayer functionality.

Common Features & Benefits:
  • Active learning improves comprehension.

  • Online platform manages the entire process for you.

  • Automatic grading & progress reports.

  • Computerized consultant guides students online.

  • Team and individual competition is fully automated.

  • The ONLY simulation with all four market structures.

  • Test mode for assessment & Learning mode for practice.

  • Flexibility to adjust learning levels from intro to advanced.

  • Designed for distance learning.